The Girlfriend Experience


I don't know if it was my best friend's wedding or watching Love Actually again for the 34th time, but I've been thinking a lot about my future lately. More specifically, the idea of finding a girlfriend. 

While I have experienced a lot during my past 30 years, one experience that continues to elude me is being in a relationship. Sure, I've hung out with girls, but I have yet to experience my first true date. I don't seem to have a problem spending time with girls, it just never seemed like girls viewed me as boyfriend material. 

Probably the biggest reason why I have yet to go on a date is because I rarely go out. To say that my life to this point has been a little sheltered, would not be a complete lie. Traditionally, someone looking for a date would probably head to a local bar or club. But for me, I can safely count the number of times I've been to a bar on two fingers. And I know that if I ever want to have any semblance of a social life, I need to get out more. As much as the commercials want to make me believe it, the odds of finding my dream girl on the Internet are slim to none. 

But whenever I think about going out, all I can think about are the logistics:

  • Who will I get to drive me there?
  • Will there be enough room for me to get around the bar?
  • Will it be weird if I don't drink?
  • How will I approach a girl?
  • How am I going to get home?

While spending eight months in the hospital and sitting around a bunch of nurses did help me become more comfortable around women, the thought of going on a date also absolutely terrifies me. I guess I still have a lot to learn. 

I often think about what being in a relationship would be like. And I've seen my fair share of romantic comedies to know that all it takes is one chance and a little courage to make magic happen. I can't tell you how many times I've rehearsed my first date in my head. While I have everything planned out, you never really know how it is going to work out until you do it. 

So as I watch my best friend marry the love of his life, I realize that I shouldn't give up hope for a relationship of my own. Even though I can't hold open a door or pull out a chair. I can still be myself and show girls that gentlemen come in many forms. As long as I'm willing to take a chance and let life happen, who knows, maybe I'll finally get the chance to go on my very first date.