I was born in 1983, but I guess my story really began on September 12, 1997. As as kid, I was your average child. I enjoyed playing with friends, hanging out at the playground and just generally having fun. Another one of my passions was playing sports. From baseball to soccer, I loved participating in any athletic activities. But while I played, I had to be extremely careful since I had asthma. I was never far from my inhaler, but I didn't want my illness to keep me from playing with my friends. So, I cautiously went through my life as I did everything I could.

Now, lets fast-forward to that fateful September day in '97. 

I was an eager 14-year-old a month into my freshman year. My head was full of excitement and optimism as I looked to the future of my high school career, good grades, girlfriends and even playing on the school baseball and soccer teams. But it wasn't meant to be. For the past few days, I had been battling a cold, but nothing seemed out of the ordinary. There was always a risk of serious illness because of my asthma, but I had no idea it would lead to this...

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