Look Ma', No Glasses!

This past week, I finally caved in and decided to get contacts. I have been wearing glasses for the past seven years, and have been hesitant to get contacts. But after my recent visit to the optomotrist, my eye doc persuaded me to give them a try. While some of you might be wondering why I'm writing about such a blah topic such as contacts, here's my reasoning.

Even though the topic of contacts themselves might not warrant a conversation, my application of them would. You see, since I can't move, I'm unable to put them in myself. This the the biggest hurdle for me to jump, or roll over, as I came to my contact solution. So my dad has graciously decided to volunteer to be my contact installer. I can feel your hesitation as you read this, so I'll go over his qualifications:

  • He wears contacts himself, so he knows the procedure
  • He's in construction, so he must be good with his hands
  • He's stuck a plastic tube down a hole in my throat when I had a trach, so he good with medical proceedures

Sold? Good. Because I'm going to ignore the fact that his hands feel like they're coated with sand paper and can cut my contacts or eyes at any moment. And to even get some additional practice, the eye doc let him put the contacts in and out a few times before we left. After the first week, so far so good. I haven't lost them or got my eye slashed. Check back later for pics. Now that I don't have glasses to cover my eye brows, I might have to do something about my emerging uni-brow. I guess I'm going to have to cave in again and do some "man-scaping..."