Algae and Light Help Injured Mice Walk Again

In a recent article by Wired Magazine, it was revealed that a team of Stanford graduate students used a plant algae and blue lights to help injured mice walk. The entire process is a little far-fetched, by the possibilities are very encouraging. If this has any implications on helping quadriplegics, sign me up. Who knows, maybe I'll turn into a neon glowing Swamp Thing! 

Hey, at least I'll still have my engaging personality and be able to walk again!


New Hand Controls Allow the Disabled to Fly

This looks awesome! Goose and Maverick better look out!This is really cool. A new control system has been created to give people with disabilities, the chance to fly. This should give all those aspiring pilots a legitimate shot to make it to the sky. Looks like a blast. If I ever overcome my fear of flying, I'd definitely check it out!

Click here to read more about the device.

Disability Group Boosts Google Book Search

Read this article on Wired, and I think it will help a lot of people with disabilities. I know whenever I read, having an e-book option definitely helps. This really comes in handy when I read new or unread books because the binding keeps the books from staying flat.

I breezed through many a homework assignments because it was so frustrating to try and hold the book open. But don't get me wrong, I made sure to take my time when I read through my Spawn comics or current issues of Maxim. So that probably wasn't the only reason.

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