My View

By: Gabe Trujillo

I see my life of what would’ve been

I see me enjoying my time with friends

I see me driving out of town to view the country

I see me becoming someone very important

I see me with the perfect girl

Everyday I wonder what could’ve been

The fresh cut grass reminds me of years past

My family reminds me of what’s important

My friends show me to live life to the fullest

Courage gets me through everyday

I see my life now and wonder about the future

I see my life now with no regret

I know that my life will travel down the right road

and will lead an excellent life


Never to be Expected...

By : Gabe Trujillo

The journey of life is both adventurous and unpredictable.

There are so many things I want to do and so many things I have left behind.

I don’t know where I’m going or what I will become;

The road I have taken may not be the best path

Or it may not be the road to success,

All I hope is that it’s the road to somewhere.

I may encounter the detours and crossroads of life,

But one thing will always be certain;

My hope and courage will never let me down.

Things will never be easy or placed on a silver platter;

With faith as my guide and perseverance as my compass,

I will never lose my way.

As I travel down this long and mysterious path,

I know I will become a better person;

As I look back on the journey I have taken,

I see my life with no regret.

My friends remind me to live life to the fullest and

My family reminds me of what’s important;

So as I prepare for the long road ahead,

I simply look forward and smile with determination.

I will encounter rough times and jagged curves,

But I will never give up.

Everything will never go as planned,

So I will always expect the unexpected.

As I sit and think about the past

I can’t help but be excited about the future;

For this was never to be expected…