School, standing frames and Spawn at the Sub-Acute Unit

In episode 2 of Have a Seat, I'm chatting about my time in the Sub-Acute Unit of Phoenix Children's Hospital. I cover everything from my various therapies to how I kept up with my school work.

It was a strange, empowering and difficult time in my life, but in the end, it helped shaped who I am today. From learning to breathe on a ventilator to finishing up my freshman year from my hospital room, there is no shortage of memorable experiences.

During my time at the Sub-Acute Unit, one thing I learned was the importance of patience. I wasn’t going to magically start walking overnight. But if I was going to successfully adjust to being a quadriplegic, it was going to take plenty of hard work and determination.

To give you a better visual from my 8-month hospital stay, here are a few photos. I can’t believe it was over 20 years ago.