The story behind #GabesWheelchairSelfies

It's no secret that selfies are all the rage. But for someone who can't use their arms, executing the perfect selfie can be quite difficult.

So if I wanted to join the selfie revolution, I would need to get creative.

A few years ago, I purchased a strap called the ThiPhone and jerry rigged it so I could put my phone on it. Everyday I strap it on to my leg so I can have access to my phone without having to ask someone for help.

A couple years ago, I was waiting around for my ride when I decided to take a picture from my phone as it sat on my leg. I liked the unique perspective of the shot, so I decided I would keep taking selfies at various locations I visited.

What was just an experiment to waste time, turned into an interesting look into my travel and experiences. The photos have showed my growth and life with a disability from a perspective that people wouldn't normally see.

I include the hashtag #GabesWheelchairSelfies in all the selfies I take so I can document them and provide a way to look through my various photos.

If you want to see all my photos, please follow me on Instagram at @gabetrujillo.