The Cardinals are Super Bowl Bound!

That Just Happend!After 20 long, grueling years, hell has officially frozen over. The shadows you see in the sky are not clouds. They are smiling, happy pigs with wings. The Arizona Cardinals are headed to Super Bowl XLIII.

Let me say that again.  The Arizona Cardinals are headed to Super Bowl XLIII.

My family and I have had Cardinals season tickets since 1988, and we have endured plenty of hardships. From the scorching-hot aluminum seats at Sun Devil Stadium, to the draft day blunders of Wendell Bryant and Leland McElroy, there were plenty of reasons to jump off the Cardinals bandwagon.

But our family endured, and we decided to keep our season tickets, no matter what. Even when I became sick and was in the hospital for almost 8 months, I still turned to the Cardinals for hope. Every Sunday during the season I watched their games. And while wins were few and far between, it brought me a sense of normalcy in a time of crisis.

And it was because of that I will always be a lifelong Cardinals fan. I wanted success for the Cardinals in the worst way but it didn't seem like it would come.

 But then the Cardinals decided to do something very different. They decided to hire an unknown coach. His name was Ken Whisenhunt. His hiring brought a renewed hope to the long-suffering Cardinals fans. And it didn't take long for its payoff. In just his second year, coach was in on prop the Arizona Cardinals their first home playoff game since 1947, their first class victory since 1998 and their first ever trip to the Super Bowl.

As the final seconds ticked away in the NFC championship game against the Philadelphia Eagles, I was overcome with joy and excitement. I was witness to something I will never believe I could see. This long-suffering organization, once considered to be the worst playoff team ever is now making their way to the Super Bowl XLIII.

Let me say this again.

The Cardinals are headed for Super Bowl XLIII. No matter how many times I say it's, it will never get old. If you want to view some pics that I took at the game, please click on the link below.

My NFC Championship Pics